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Circus For Schools

Ever dreamed of running away and joining the circus?
Well now’s your chance!

Circus for schools is run by Johnny Slap a professional entertainer for over 25 years! His blend of slapstick comedy & circus skills have seen him perform all over the world, and his love of teaching his skills to others through circus skills workshops make for a great day of fun and learning.

Circus skills bring learning alive, providing creative links to many curriculum areas. PSHE, math’s, literacy and art.

  • Learn the skills of diablo, plate spinning and juggling with scarves, and balls improving throwing and catching skills, hand eye coordination, concentration, manipulation spatial awareness and balance.

  • Improve co-ordination through kinesthetic cross lateral exercises, developing fine and gross motor skills whilst having lots of fun.

  • Develop social skills and self-esteem.

  • Concentration, focus and perseverance are developed and almost tangible as you watch a group of children master the skills. The children are taught the skills in progressive attainable steps creating a real sense of achievement, empowerment and boosting self-esteem.

From Reception through to year six, the workshops can be easily adapted to meet the needs of all age ranges and abilities, providing a fun challenge at all levels.


Circus for schools day begins with an entertaining assembly, with Johnny demonstrating the skills the children will be learning, followed by workshops conducted to a timetable planned around your specific needs.

During the workshops the children will learn a variety of skills such as Juggling , Diablo, plate spinning, flower sticks and balancing objects - Unicycles & stilts are also available for the older children.

Johnny is CRB checked & has public liability of £10,000,000 through Equity union.

There is also a chance to buy some circus skills equipment from Johnny’s circus shop at the end of the day for all you budding circus performers.